LinkedIn Marketing

A business needs a good LinkedIn Marketing Agency if it needs to reach a professional audience. LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media networks that connects working professionals around the world.

LinkedIn is one big online networking event that never shuts its doors. Whether you are looking for a job change or trying to grow your business, it is the one stop destination for you.

With the best LinkedIn Marketing Service Agency in Gurgaon, you can target your audience better and grow your revenue significantly. TCART can help you hit your desired business goals in the minimum investment required.

Why is LinkedIn Marketing important?

LinkedIn is the best platform for businesses because of its inbound marketing capabilities and entrepreneurial connection possibilities. With a network of professionals that is growing by millions every year, LinkedIn has become the most important tool for businesses around the globe.

Majority of the business-to-business (B2B) sales in the online world happen through LinkedIn. It is a great tool for raising brand awareness, connecting with quality prospects, and converting them into regular costumers.

It combines the power of Social Media Marketing with the practices of traditional marketing. It is easy to use and understand, and makes your business more visible to the interested people everywhere.

  • - LinkedIn has over 700 million users worldwide
  • - 55 million companies are registered on LinkedIn
  • - India has over 70 million LinkedIn users
  • - 80% businesses prefer LinkedIn for B2B sales
  • - Majority of users are 25-34 years old
  • - 3 people are hired on LinkedIn every minute
  • - LinkedIn ads can reach 13% of world’s population
  • - Most marketers use LinkedIn ads

Why TCART is the best LinkedIn Marketing Agency?

TCART’s LinkedIn Marketing Services are trusted and reputed within the industry. With succesful projects and satisfied clients, TCART has become a known name for LinkedIn Marketing in Gurgaon.

We can help you use LinkedIn fully to your advantage by targeting potential customers and prospect business owners. Our team of seasoned experts will create a strategy that works for your business needs. Whether you are looking to expand your connections or sales channels, TCART will help you get there.

We integrate your inbound strategy with your LinkedIn Marketing efforts in order to generate quality leads and grow your profile. You can target and re-target your customers for continued profit streams.

Our LinkedIn Marketing Process

TCART helps you realize your business goals by identifying your business needs. We create a strategy that works for your brand and understand your specific requirements.

From strategy building to campaign management, TCART stays with you throughout the process. We help you reach your objective, whether it is lead generation or building brand awareness.

Identify the audience

We identify your target audience based on your brand, content, product, service, and goals. Prospect customers are sorted from the pool of professionals for controlled targeting and quick results.

Creating a strategy

We create a strategy that caters to your business need. From improving your online presence within the enterprise world to successfully converting prospect clients, TCART’s experts design a campaign for you.

Monitoring the campaign

We monitor the tried and tested campaign to locate and fix any errors. We track the progress using the top data-tracking tools and constantly mend our strategy based on the information we learn.

LinkedIn Ads

We create and run paid ads, if necessary, for your campaign to drive better results. The campaign is optimized according to the data gained and business needs. Valuable connections and leads are recorded and presented at a later stage.

Analysis and Presentation

We create a comprehensive report of the campaign we run and present the findings to you. The results of the campaign are recorded and sent to you through our transparent process.