What is Event Marketing?

Event marketing is a promotional tactic that involves direct contact between the brand and its customers through events like seminars, trade shows, and seminars.

Every event is different. It has different audiences, content, and culture. Therefore, it is marketed in its own way. For success, an event marketer needs to stay on top of the game.

Why is Event Marketing Important?

According to a report, 85% of marketers agree that live events provide attendees with a valuable opportunity to form in-person connections in an increasingly digital world.

Most marketers consider event marketing to be the most effective marketing trick.

Most event attendees say they form a more positive opinion of the brand or product after the promotional event.

Types of Event Marketing

Event marketing is a broad term. For some people, it is the promotional plan for an event and for others it refers to the strategic use of events to market effectively.

If your event marketing involves a calendar plan of events that support your marketing strategy, then your planning process would be more complicated. For others, it would be a promotion plan for a particular event that can be simplified down into an easier plan.

  • ● Email Marketing
  • ● Event-based strategy
  • ● Event website
  • ● Advertising
  • ● Social media
The Event Marketing Process

Events are a costly affair. So it is important to determine your event strategy. Your budget, goals and more will determine what events you plan and the type of promotion you run with.

The event marketing process begins by acknowledging that there is an event that can help your organization achieve a goal. Events also add to the sales pipeline. They help promote a product and boost morale.

The event marketing process eventually comes down to the objective of the event. By clarifying what you want to achieve, you can plan based on that goal. Event strategies are the start of the event marketing process.