Facebook Marketing Company In India

As a leading Facebook Marketing Company in India, TCART can help you get traffic, leads, and conversions to grow your venture. Never has there been a simpler way of reaching new customers than it is today.

Facebook Marketing is essential for the growth of your business in a world that feeds on social media. The smart businessman alters his strategies based on the consumer behaviour.

We also provide the following services-
  • - Facebook Page Setup
  • - Increase Relevant Traffic
  • - Higher User Engagement
  • - Comments Moderation
  • - Increase Page Likes
Interesting Facts To Know About Facebook
  • - Facebook has over 2.74 billion monthly active users
  • - Facebook is the world’s third-most visited site
  • - India has the highest number of users- 320 million
  • - 32.4% of Facebook’s audience is aged 25-34
  • - 500 million people use Facebook Stories daily
  • - Facebook Groups are used by over 1 billion users
  • - Half of B2B decision makers use Facebook for research
  • - Most Facebook users visit a local business Page every week
  • - Facebook has an advertising audience of over 2 billion
  • - The average price for an ad decreased in 2020

Benefits of Facebook Advertising


Facebook has almost 3 billion users worldwide. Over half of the human population that uses the internet, uses Facebook. India is the country with most users in the world, with about 320 million active users.


The biggest benefit of Facebook is that one can reach massive audiences based on their interests, demographics, location, vocation etc. Facebook pages and Groups allow us to interact with audiences interested in certain specific topics. Facebook ads allow us to target our buyer persona.


Facebook ads are relatively pocket-friendly, making it possible for the small businesses to advertise on the platform. The final costs vary with the type of business and target region. Depending upon the business needs, the owner can choose from a host of affordable options.


Facebook is the go-to platform for new and local businesses to get the word out. Whether you are an individual or a brand, you cannot find more people in one place. Millions of people and businesses are using Facebook as their brand identity.


One can generate huge traffic, leads, and sales by targeting the right audience. In India, the average cost to generate leads is between Rs 0.2 to Rs 3, depending on the niche. Facebook can help drive higher traffic with lower costs.